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Troubleshooting CI/CD

Pipeline warnings

Pipeline configuration warnings are shown when you:

"Job may allow multiple pipelines to run for a single action"

When you use rules with a when: clause without an if: clause, multiple pipelines may run. Usually this occurs when you push a commit to a branch that has an open merge request associated with it.

To prevent duplicate pipelines, use workflow: rules or rewrite your rules to control which pipelines can run.

Merge request pipeline widget

The merge request pipeline widget shows information about the pipeline status in a Merge Request. It's displayed above the merge request ability to merge widget.

There are several messages that can be displayed depending on the status of the pipeline.

"Checking pipeline status"

This message is shown when the merge request has no pipeline associated with the latest commit yet. This might be because:

  • GitLab hasn't finished creating the pipeline yet.
  • You are using an external CI service and GitLab hasn't heard back from the service yet.
  • You are not using CI/CD pipelines in your project.
  • The latest pipeline was deleted (this is a known issue).

After the pipeline is created, the message will update with the pipeline status.

Merge request ability to merge widget

The merge request status widget shows the Merge button and whether or not a merge request is ready to merge. If the merge request can't be merged, the reason for this is displayed.

If the pipeline is still running, the Merge button is replaced with the Merge when pipeline succeeds button.

If Merge Trains are enabled, the button is either Add to merge train or Add to merge train when pipeline succeeds. (PREMIUM)

"A CI/CD pipeline must run and be successful before merge"

This message is shown if the Pipelines must succeed setting is enabled in the project and a pipeline has not yet run successfully. This also applies if the pipeline has not been created yet, or if you are waiting for an external CI service. If you don't use pipelines for your project, then you should disable Pipelines must succeed so you can accept merge requests.