1. 18 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Version 2.1 2018/01/15 · dee3e76f
      Burkhardt Rockel authored
      Removed: *plot_colourbar.R*, *plotmap.old.R*
      Replaced: *ncdf_times.R* by *nccf_times.R*
      In **colfun.R**
      * Fixed errors in *get.ethz.palette* and  *get.ncar.palette*
      In **plot_colourbar.R**
      * new option *sea.lab* , *border*, *triangle_ends*
      In **plotmap.R**
      * new options *sea.lab* and *lakes*, changed option name *scale_factor* to *scale.factor*
      In **polymask.R**
      * added support for multiple polygons
      In **windvec.R**
      * added new option *legend.scale*
  2. 06 May, 2015 1 commit
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      ncdf4Utils version 1.0 · 827a5321
      Burkhardt Rockel authored
      *Changed functions:*
      @plotmap.R@ -- corrected bug in case of grid.txt=T,
                     eliminated artificial straight lines across the plot showing up under some circumstances
                     eliminated errors plotting grid and writing grid labels in some cases when the date line
                     or/and a pole lies in the plotting area
      *New functions:*
      @plotmask.R@ -- creates a mask file from a given polygon