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    ncdf4Utils version 0.5-1 · af311da5
    Burkhardt Rockel authored
    *Removed functions:*
    @nc_open.R@ -- is no longer necessary since ncdf4 package (version >= 1.6.1) considers
                 _FillValue as attribute holding missing values
    @plotmap_rot.R@ -- the new plotmap.R function includes rotated coordinates
    *Changed functions:*
    @geo2rot.R@ -- calculates the special case pollat=90.,pollon=0.,polgam=0. (i.e. same geographical coordinates)
                   now logically (no longer pollat=90.,pollon=180.,polgam=0. or pollat=90.,pollon=0.,polgam=180.
                   for geographical coordinates)
    @plotmap.R@ -- this function has been re-written and includes (and thus replaces) the former
                   plotmap.R and plotmap_rot.R functions. The new function now decides on the
                   existance and value of the grid mapping parameter in the netCDF file .
                 A new grid mapping for multiple rotated pole has been added.
                 A new option is available: "na.col". The colour of undefined grid pixels is defined
                   by this option. By default it is transparent.
    *New functions:*
    @geo2multirot.R@ -- transforms geographical to multiple rotated pole coordinates (usage: geo2multirot)
                      or multiple rotated pole to geographical coordinates (usage: multirot2geo)
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