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    ncdf4Utils version 2.0 · 008f7eea
    Burkhardt Rockel authored
    **Changed functions:**
    * Has been rewritten in large parts. It should work now not just for geographical and rotated model coordinates, by for most structured grids, if additional geographic lat/lon data are provided for the model grid.
    * An additional small model area can no longer be plotted. For this plot a rectangle of the small model area over the plot or use the old version `plotmap.old`
    *New Options*
    * units - default=NULL (overwrites the units from the netCDF file)
    * longname - default=NULL (overwrites the longname from the netCDF file)
    * add.offset - default=0
    * scale.factor - default=1
    * geo.coordinate.names - default=c("lon,"lat") 2D fields of the geographical longitude and latitude at the model grid points
    *Removed Options*
    * file.small
    * sponge.small
    * lsm.file.small
    **New functions:**
    * plots wind vectors over a given plot
    * converts geographical coordinates to model coordinates
    * gets a palette from the web page https://wiki.c2sm.ethz.ch/Data/VisNCLCosmoLibraryColorTables
    * gets a palette from the web page http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Document/Graphics/color_table_gallery.shtml
    **Depecreated functions:**
    The old version of the function `plotmap` is now called `plotmap.old`. This function will stay as is and will not be further developped.
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